Encaustic Art Tutorials

Your chance to experience the unique world of encaustic wax art. To ensure individual attention numbers are strictly limited at our 3 hour tutorials, GET WAXING! A BEGINNERS GUIDE TO ENCAUSTIC ART.

Now available and proving very popular, giving the opportunity to experience encaustic, a 1 hour course – “Learn the Basics & Give it a Go” for $55.00. Participants will get a brief run down on basic techniques and then leave with a couple of their own creations.

For those wanting to learn more (or carry on further after your initial introduction) there are full 3 hour workshops available. During the workshop you will be led step by step through many different basic techniques of encaustic art, having each demonstrated to you, then performing each step yourself to a point where you will produce several art pieces, each with your own distinctive style and colour.

Beginners Classes: 3 hours – cost $125.00 includes materials (waxes, card & use of iron) not to forget the cuppa part way through. Contact us if you are interested and we can arrange times to suit you.

WAX ON! Advanced Techniques & Stylus Work: A course with further techniques and stylus work for those who have completed the beginners course and want to take their creativity to another level

At the end of the 3 hours beginners course you will create your own picture, maybe a natural landscape, or perhaps an abstract of your choice, the perfect keepsake from a fun day, and maybe the beginning of a new pastime!

Basics - 1hr Workshop

Custom Workshop

Beginners 3hr Workshop

Group Workshops

Advanced 3hr Workshop

Accommodation Combo Workshop