The European manufactured Arts Encaustic range of wax blocks we import come in a range of 48 colours. The approximate size of each block is 11mm x 24mm x 42mm & weight 10 to 12 grams. They have been manufactured to be as safe as possible to use, but as with all pigmented items, are recommended to be used in well ventilated areas.

For those working in the “North American” style, these waxes, and especially the “mixer colours”, can be mixed with encaustic medium to create your own colours.

We also carry some supplies of plain beeswax in a 50gm cup cake at $5.00 and a 250 gm slab at $13.75.

There are a range of 48 different blocks (47 colours plus clear wax medium), comprising 3 sets of 16 wax blocks, a Starter set, Expanding Set and the Vivid Set, each of these sets costing $40.00.

Each of the 48 colours can be ordered as single blocks, so you can make up your own colour choices (we do ask for a minimum total of 8 blocks), the colours are listed individually on the online order form, at a price of $2.50 per block.

Vivid Set

Set of 16 wax blocks to build on the Starter and Expanding Sets PRICE: $40.00