Painting with encaustic wax using the various heated implements is different to working with standard painting equipment. It is therefore recommended that you take the time to learn & practice the basic techniques relating to each piece of equipment.

Most people will begin with the special Arts & Crafts Iron and before trying anything need to firstly understand and practice holding the iron in a level position when loading wax onto the base plate of the iron, the tendancy being to tilt the iron towards you when loading which results in the wax running down the iron, resulting in drips falling onto you, your workplace or an artwork!

The Stylus Tool may also look like a paint brush when it has the wire brush tip installed, however it needs to be treated with care and held only above the fluted part of the plastic handle. Do not touch the metal barrel which the tips are inserted into at any time while plugged in or while hot – it does get hot and may burn you.

The other two pieces of electrical equipment are the Hot Air Gun and Ceramic Hotplate which can creating some really interesting effects both individually and can also be used in conjunction.