Techniques – Iron

The Arts & Crafts Painting Iron is fitted with a thermostat which holds it at a stable temperature and works within the ideal range to melt and apply the encaustic waxes.

Assembling Iron:

The iron is received as in the front centre of the above image. To assemble angle and slide the notched end of the handle into the socket to the front of the iron base and then lower the rear of the handle until it clicks into place.

To remove the handle pull the catch at rear back and gently lift the handle, at the same time sliding the handle back out of the front notch. Do not just lift straight up as you may damage the handle or locking notch.

Iron as Mini Hotplate:

To convert the Iron into a mini hotplate remove the handle as above, turn the iron base over and slide it into the handle (as in the right hand image above. Secure the handle in place with a piece of masking tape around the back of the iron for safety so the base can not slide out.