Techniques – Hot plate

The A2 size (workable area 575mm x 375mm) Ceramic Hot Plate we supply is a German manufactured item with a great thermostat which means it holds a very steady temperature and with the close setting of the heating elements an even heat reaches all of the card when working with card attached to the top of the hotplate, whereas hotplates with lower quality themostats and more uneven element coverage can keep turning on and off making the wax suddenly too cool to work with easily.

The surface can also be used to melt wax in small tins so it can be painted with hogs hair brushes directly onto the warmed card as well as using other implements to spread and create patterns in the wax, including the Scrapy Tools & Sponges, as well as repetitively using Rubber Stamps to create patterns.

Another method is to melt waxes onto the glass surface then work a piece of card into the wax and “sweep” it across and off the edge of the Hotplate, creating interesting patterns as the air rushes in.