Tools & Accessories

We stock a range of tools and accessories for encaustic painting, beginning with the versatile painting iron and the stylus tool which has a range of interchangeable tips through to the quality electronic control heat gun.Other handy tools include the Arts Encaustic rubber tipped scrapy wax movers & the set of encaustic sponges to accompany the brass scribing tool and of course there are also the quality German made hogs hair brushes.

Please Note: We recommend all electrical equipment should be used via a surge protected power system to avoid damage to equipment.

Painting Iron

Low Temperature Iron, especially designed to work with encaustic wax having high quality thermostat giving adjustable but stable working temperature. Can also be turned into a mini hotplate as shown in right of image. Must be well secured in place with...

Scribing Tool

Sometimes called a Scrafito Tool, a double ended brass tool with rounded point at one end and 2 sizes of flat scraping edge at the other. At around 115mm long an ideal to scribe in fine details or remove areas of wax to create further detail

PRICE: $6.95

Hot Air Gun

Includes Reducing Nozzle. Electronic controlled Hot Air Gun – 2000 watt – 50dg – 600dg C – 3 Speed Quality Hot Air Gun (Heat Gun), manufactured in Europe. A great addition for any encaustic artist to create all sorts of interesting patterns, flowers, etc., on many different surfaces.


Sponge Set

Set of 4 encaustic sponges , the soft orange one great for dabbing and the white ones in 3 sizes & shapes great for “moving” wax around, when working with hotplate or air gun.

PRICE: $8.45

Scrapys – Set of 5

Scrapy wax mover tools in a set of 5 pieces: Edge to Point, Large Wedged, Large Oval Cut, Small Oval Cut and Small Wedged. Great to move molten wax around and can also be used with acrylics and oils.

PRICE: $29.50