Techniques – Stylus

The low heat “Stylus Tool comes with two nib tips and one brush tip, with other tips also available (round, mini iron & micro iron). This tool is designed to run at a low stable temperature which is suitable to melt the encaustic waxes while not burning them.

Fitting & Changing the Tips:

The tips are easily interchangeable, being held in place by a Phillips (cross head) screw. Using a suitable Phillips screwdriver loosen the screw approximately one full turn to the left (or more if required) so the shaft of the tip slips into the heating element. When the tip is in place the screw can then be re-tightened sufficiently to hold the tip in place securely.

Ideally the tips should be changed while the Stylus is cool, however this is not always practical so care must be taken while changing tips while the heating element and tip are hot. Support the Stylus head on a protected surface, loosen the screw as above and then carefully remove the hot tip holding it in a thick padding of tissue, making sure you do not make contact with the heating element.

Carefully place the tip in a safe area, we recommend having a small tin to put them in so they can not roll onto a piece of work or into a block of wax where they can become embedded & hard to remove when cold!

Fit your new tip, once again taking care not to touch the hot heating element shaft, and then carefully tighten the screw to secure the tip.